SAFE covers strategies that address financial barriers to life-long success.

SAFE's aim is to help adult learners craft safe and sound actionable strategies for financial wellness and empowerment.

These strategies include:

Goals & Tools
Students develop short-, intermediate-, and long-term goals, and learn the tools to attain goals, such as banking and budgeting.
Income & Taxes
Students analyze current and possible future income potential, and map out financial responsibilities and the tax system framework.
Credit & Debt
Students learn the importance of maintaining strong credit, and how to find and monitor their own credit report and score. This also covers different loan types, and how these loans play a role in large purchase planning.
Protecting Yourself
Students learn the major types of insurance and review current and possible future insurance needs.
Savings & Retirement
Students learn about compound interest and its effect on savings and retirement planning, as well as how to develop a retirement plan.
Looking for materials?
A sample of our SAFE materials are available for download.

Full-Service Approach to Program Delivery

State Education Standards

Curriculum meets state standards and is designed using national best practices.

Trained Volunteer Presenters

Industry professionals are trained to teach engaging lessons and activities from Step 2 programming. These presenters can truly connect with youth by delivering a relevant program.

No-Cost Learning Materials

Participants are provided a resource guide filled with valuable financial lessons to use during sessions and to take home for continued learning and application. All materials are provided at no cost to schools or participants.

Simple Registration

Schools and community groups schedule programming online to fit their needs. Financial Beginnings takes care of the rest.

The SAFE program covers four important topics, usually broken into four 1-hour sessions, which can be scheduled to fit each teacher's needs. In addition to financial education, students are left with a message of responsibility and a solid footing for a bright financial future.