Financial Beginnings Washington helps strengthen communities through inclusive financial education.
Since 2014, Financial Beginnings has taught 60,000 youth and adults in partnership with more than 200 schools and 100 community-based organizations throughout Washington.
We offer a simple and full-service approach to program delivery that serves both youth and adult learners.
Have a Financial Beginnings volunteer present to your group.

"Understanding the function of money, how to save and invest, and being able to navigate insurance provides my students with an advantage they would not have had otherwise. I'm grateful to Financial Beginnings for reaching my diverse student population."
Washington teacher

Becoming a sponsor means investing in the future.

Volunteer orientation webinars are offered every few weeks.
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About Financial Beginnings

Financial Beginnings is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit that teaches individuals how to play an active role in their financial well-being. Developing this knowledge increases available life opportunities such as home ownership, higher education, and secure retirement.

Financial Beginnings provides personal finance education via affiliate organizations like Financial Beginnings Washington. Combined, affiliates reach more than 200 K-12 schools and colleges and more than 100 community-based organizations annually. Programs serve all groups, but focus on populations most in need.