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Piggy Bank of Pals

Thank you to all of this year's generous donors who contributed $100 dollars or more to our organization. Your generosity has helped Financial Beginnings to empower individuals across Washington to pursue and achieve their financial goals, improving the economic vibrancy of this region and beyond. Become a member of our Piggy Bank of Pals by making a donation here.

  • Blayne Barnhart
  • Kristen Bauer
  • David & Melody Bell
  • Joan Benoit
  • Shirley Blase
  • Ash Boodel
  • Wendy Britton
  • Amanda Brown
  • Michael Davie
  • John Dozier
  • Kate Donnelly
  • Sean Edwards
  • Patsy Gayda
  • Christina Gehrke
  • Jon Gores
  • Marina Gray
  • Amani Harris
  • Zachary Jones
  • Joseph Kiley
  • Kurt Kirstein
  • Brock Loen
  • Laurie Nichols
  • Clare Pederson
  • Richards
  • Heidi Sexton
  • Nevin Shetty
  • Laura Lee Stewart
  • Shirley P. Sutton
  • Long Vo
  • Susan & Mark Enloe
  • Teresa Wells

"Financial Beginnings' lessons were important. A lot of people might now save themselves from falling into too much debt. It might even prevent someone from having to foreclose on their home." - Student Participant